We are ready for students at Curtsinger Elementary! 
We hope that you have been reading this summer -- READING HELPS YOU BLOOM.
See you all very soon!

Bee-Bots Programming

Students in K-2 are getting an introduction to programming in the library with Bee-Bots!
Bulldogs programmed the Bee-Bots to go to a letter.

Students make a plan and then test their plan.

Mrs. Kurth, GT teacher, collaborated with us on this engaging activity!

Students worked in groups of 3-4 to complete tasks and explore.

Download the free Bee-Bot APP for more programming fun on your devices!

Centennial Titans Read

Centennial Titans visited kindergarten classes to share their love of reading! The students were amazed that the athletes would come to see us and read to us! 


SPOON by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

K-2 Book Activity

Young Curtsinger students read SPOON by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and watched a short video demonstrating how to set the table properly. The catchy tune should help the students remember in what order to place the utensils.

The students enjoyed "setting" the Curtsinger library table.

Does your child set the table? I think they can!

Spelling Bee Winners!

Classroom Champions: Anushya, Sriya, Jasmine, Cieun, Anish, Zach, Aarushi,
Padmini, Andrew, Rithvik, Smaran, Akash, Vaishnavi

Aarushi (Runner-Up), Anushya (Curtsinger Champion)